New things in 2023!

As some of you may already know, I am moving my shop in a different direction this spring! I'm super excited to announce that I'll be focusing more on selling my own sustainable designs and doing alterations/repairs. 

I've loved running Philly Gurl Thrift these last 4 years; it's been so much fun to send previously damaged pieces to new homes all around the world.  I really will miss selling vintage clothes and running the $1 sale.  There's only about a week left of these sections, so go check them out for some great deals!  

Here's some things I'm planning on for the spring:

I'll be expanding my repair services to people outside Philadelphia! If you're willing to ship your item to me, I'll gladly ship the repaired item back to you.  As always, contact me first for quotes/availability.

I'll be releasing some lovely swimsuits in lots of sizes! These are of course made of only second hand, sustainable fabrics.  I upgraded my serger recently and have been having so much fun with new patterns.

I'm looking into selling my designs in person in the spring and summer! I haven't worked all the details out yet, but I'll surely update on where I'll be sometime soon.

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