Store Policies/FAQs

-How fast do you ship? Does the pandemic affect this?

     We ship with tracking ASAP, typically no longer than a week from purchase.  In the event of emergency and shipping is not possible within a couple of days, you will be notified by email. The pandemic may increase ship times, so please be patient. Check the tracking number consistently and email if any issues arise. 

-Where do you ship?


-Do you except returns, refunds, holds, or payment plans?

    We do not accept returns.  Refunds will be offered on a case by case basis.  In order to get a refund, you may be required to ship the item back. A shipping label used to send the item back will NOT be paid for by PHLGurl. We do not offer holds. Payment plans may be negotiated only on items $80 and up.

-Dollar Section? HUH???

     Yes, you read that right. The dollar section is $1 plus the listed shipping! No tricks up our sleeves, we promise. Just a section geared towards sheer retail therapy bliss...without the price tag! 

-Do you have a brick and mortar I can shop at?

     PHLGurl is an online shop, there is no brick and mortar storefront.  However, we do occasionally sell/consign designer or high end pieces to Greene Street Philadelphia and Bella Boutique in Philadelphia.

-Where can I find reviews?

     PHLGurl started off as a depop shop.  It is still operating with the handle @marykated10.  Currently, as of 8/3, PHLGurl has sold over 550 items! (Combined from depop and our contributions to various storefronts.) We have 155 five star reviews...we work hard on keeping those five stars!

-Why are there no plus sizes? 

     PHLGurl is an operation of 3 people. As we are a small business, we do not have the resources or modelling staff that big brands have.  It's mostly Mary Kate modelling the items with a few friends helping when they have the time. Hopefully, this site will grow and then our options for what we can model and stock will also grow! 

-How do I know its truly vintage?

     PHLGurl sources from places known for their access to great quality vintage. Check out the blog post to learn more about how we verify vintage status and where we source from!

-Are handmade items made from sustainable materials?

     Yes! We buy fabric and craft supplies secondhand.  

-Can I request things to look for?

   Absolutely! If you have any styles, prints or colors you've been dying to have, shoot us an email at We LOVE a good hunt for the next trend! (But sustainable, of course.)