How to know it's vintage-some general tips and tricks!

Hello hello!

This is my first blog post :)

My name is Mary Kate, aka PHLGurl. This site, my depop, my tik tok etc are my creative outlet, welcome to all things vintage clothes, sewing, and pretty much anything craft-y!  I'm excited to start up this little blog.

One of the big things I get asked alot is how I know things are vintage/how old items are.'s a big ol process. Vintage jeans is a whole different ballgame than vintage dresses! I'll go into all this later, so for now, here's some short general things to watch out for:

-Where the item was made

If you live in the US like me and you find items that say made in America on the tag, generally it's vintage! (Unless the tag is American apparel or a small indie brand perhaps. Always google.)

-Union made tags

It's definitely vintage if you see a union mark on the tag. These look somewhat like this

(photo from

-The texture of the tag

If you look at modern clothes, you'll notice that alot of the clothing tags are that plastic-y material and printed. This isn't the case with vintage clothes. Even as recently as the 90's or early 2000's, many clothes had embroidered tags.

-The size

Because of "vanity sizing", modern day fashion labels have smaller number sizes and no standardized size scale. In the 50's, a size 8 was a modern day 0! If the tag size seems much larger than than your normal size, but the fit is perfect... most likely you've found a vintage item.

That's all for now folx!